About Amylon

Our Focus

Amylon Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that uses RNA Modulation Technology to target rare genetic disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). Our mission is to deliver on the potential of our technology by developing life-changing therapeutic solutions for patients with serious unmet medical need. We have high ambitions and want to change the way the world looks at neurological disorders. The enormous burden these diseases put on patients and their loved ones is unacceptable and something we strive to change every day. We believe that every patient deserves the hope for a brighter future. Our vision is to build a sustainable drug development platform in which the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. This will allow us to focus on CNS diseases large and small and hopefully leave no patient untreated.

At Amylon, we are

Pioneers on a quest to change the status quo

Built on a foundation of strong partnerships

Committed to delivering scientific excellence

Driven to make an impact for patients and their families

Amylon is led by founder Thomas de Vlaam, complemented by a management board of experienced scientists and biotech veterans. ​As a spin-off from the publicly-traded ProQR Therapeutics, Amylon enjoys a wealth of knowledge and experience through its shareholders and network. Our endless curiosity and drive to develop groundbreaking solutions, stimulates us to collaborate closely with the patient, the clinical, and the scientific communities. These strong partnerships enable us to excel in our science and to accelerate the development of our therapeutics.